So I Wrote

I see people giggling and hugging, laughing and squealing playfully in clusters
Of three, of four, of two…
Cutting the lunch line, letting their friends in, mindlessly, only indulging in their inside jokes.
I felt a strong wave of acute annoyance pour in. Why couldn’t they just wait? Why were they cutting the line? I, and the people behind me were hungry too.
And then annoyance at their cheeriness, the constant conversation of chirpy nothingness.
Why were they so happy? Why did I find them so irksome?
I can’t wait to get out of here, I thought, clutching my spoon, as my feet started to hurt standing in line.
Then the sadness poured in as I realised, this isn’t temporary, it’s forever- it’s wherever I go; perky people who know how to be happy, who know how to make friends and friendships immersive enough to not care whom they are inconveniencing, not care about the rest of the world.
Not that I do either.
But then, I care about the land, the seas and the skies and all the creatures they encompass.
But not humans, never humans.
But the feeling isn’t very mutual. For the skies nor the seas claim me; the animals don’t hunt me; the land won’t swallow me whole.
So I sit and I cry, cry, cry and each sob only intensifies the grief. There’s no making this better.
So I write.

*The rights to the featured image are the artist’s alone.

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