Just Me

I tell my friends a lot of things. I tell them how they’re an universe in themselves, I tell them how they brilliantly shine, I tell them how wonderful they are,
I tell them a lot of things. And I believe these things wholeheartedly, not holding back, sans doubts and blind believe; I know they’re gems who will do great.
How curious it is to see the best in others, yet the worst in yourself? How curious and strange that everything is rosy and everyone is rosy,
But you are where the glasses lift and the shades are gone.
Bland and baseless, rootless, as a visitor I see my life. In dates, counting days when this travel is over and the journey is gone.
You are limitless and tough, strong and fearless, you are everything worth everything,
And I’m just me.

*Rights to the image are the artist’s alone.

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