Hey, I see you there. I see us talking. I see our words and sentences rushing out to scatter and blend in the air between us; restless and tireless, to catch up and not let anything be.
You make plans, lots of them. I say yes, I want to do all of them, until I don’t want to anymore. But then, I like that. The fact that I can be lazy with you.
Something remains unsaid, unintentionally, but inevitably so. I like my laugh when I’m with you. It’s loud- too loud- but you don’t seem to care, and neither do I.
I ask you to spend less, but to you that doesn’t make sense. I like how I can say things the way they are, around you, and you’ll take them, and try them out for size. I like that we can let us be.
I will think of things to tell you when you’re gone. It’s a never-ending chat, after all.
But, for now,
I see you there. You see me too.

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